Emma will visit you on site and together you will discuss and agree on the scope of the architectural services required together with alternative solutions, before the project begins. This meeting is usually of one hour duration and is free.

Following the initial visit Emma will write to you outlining the details of the proposed scheme. She will itemise the fees applicable for each stage of the project together with details of any statutory/additional fees.

If you agree with the proposal, you will be asked to sign and date the agreement which is returned to be signed by Emma and a date for commencement of the project is scheduled. 

Emma will organise a set of survey drawings and advise on the need for services by consultants or specialists and arrange these where necessary. Where required she will arrange investigations into soil or structural conditions.


Emma will next re-visit the site and assess all the opportunities and restrictions as well as the potential of the plot.  She will use the survey drawings as a ‘footprint’ and further ‘concept’ sketches would be prepared with various alternative options considered and developed to finalise a proposal. 

Emma would then draw up the proposed plans, sections and elevations at 1:100 scale to be submitted for a planning application to the relevant Local authority, planning department. It would be reasonable to anticipate a written response and if required a site visit from the planners after approximately 8 weeks.



Emma will liaise with the Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor and any other consultants as necessary, she will co-ordinate and integrate any designs they provide. 

Once planning approval is received a Building Regulations Application will be submitted to Building Control. Emma will produce a set of Building Regulations drawings; 1:50 plans, sections and elevations together with Building Regulation notes and information for this element of the work.

The application will be submitted to Building Control which will take approximately 2-3 weeks for approval. Once Building Control has approved the plans they will then visit site to inspect the on-site building works at regular intervals throughout the construction process.

Whilst the application is lodged with The Local Authority, Emma will produce a more detailed set of working drawings, a schedule of works and specification, for contractors to price this will help to negotiate an agreed tender sum with the preferred contractor. 

Her approach is to provide sufficient detail in the documents and drawings to ensure a fixed price tender for the builders work and basic finishing works. Prime Cost Sums would be included in the specification to cover specialist finishing and fitting out works, (kitchen, bathrooms etc) which would then be firmed up and designed in detail at a later stage.

This approach provides clients with a high degree of cost control but with the advantage of flexibility to make decisions as the works progress. Emma will advise on an appropriate form of building contract, its conditions and the responsibilities of all relevant parties.


Emma can advise on potential builders to be invited to tender for the work and will prepare and issue the documentation required for the tendering process. 
After 4 weeks Emma will appraise and report to the client on the returned tenders.


With the choice of builder made Emma will advise on the appointment, prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed. 

Emma will provide or obtain record drawings showing the building and its services and supply the builder with all the information required for construction. 

Emma takes a very ‘hands on’ approach during the construction process, helping you with all the important decision making, controlling and integrating many of the specialist works and finishes, dealing with the builder’s queries and keeping you informed on cost control and timescale. She enjoys the finer details and regards this as critical in achieving a high quality building.

The project is now entering its final stage; Emma would oversee the onsite running of the contract liaising with client and the builder, administering the building contract, inspecting the works on site and carrying out valuations at monthly intervals, visiting the site every 2 weeks between meetings.

Another option would be to negotiate a price with a preferred contractor OR you act as principle contractor and work with sub-contract labour/suppliers whilst using a Quantity surveyor to advice on costings. This would enable a builder to ‘get on board’ earlier in the design process and develop a good relationship. Emma can discuss this option with you once a short list of builders has been drawn up which she recommends is done quite early on in the design process.


Emma's involvement will continue for six months after the completion date until the final account has been agreed. She will make a final inspection and advise on the resolution of any defects before issuing the final certificate.